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Large Volume Liposuction may Improve Diabetes & Hypertension

Large Volume Liposuction may Improve Diabetes and Hypertension

Numerous studies have been published recently regarding the benefits of large volume liposuction. it has been shown that large volume liposuction reduces the total BMI (body mass index) of the patient, as well as improvement of hypertension. In a recent study investigating the safety of large volume liposuction, they had found that large volume liposuction also improved hypertension by reducing the baseline blood pressure 4 months post-operatively. The same finding was found by multiple authors who reported that there were significant decreases in pulse rate and systolic blood pressure over the 4-months post-operative period.

Before and After Photos of Large Volume Liposuction performed by Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz.

The study also has shown that over the 4 month post-operative period after large volume liposuction, the blood glucose level of patients with Diabetes also improved. The authors "explained this by the fact that subcutaneous abdominal fat, as a component of central adiposity, has as strong an association with insulin resistance as visceral fat, and is an important independent marker of insulin resistance in obesity."

Although large volume liposuction may reduce the blood sugar in diabetic patients, it is not a treatment for diabetes. Liposuction is also not an alternative treatment for hypertension. Safety is a major concern for these kind of procedures. Large-volume liposuction should be done in a hospital-setting and a 23-hour observation post-operatively may be needed. I recommend consulting with your plastic surgeon.

Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, PLLC

Plastic Surgeon, Houston Texas


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