Differences between VASER Liposuction and Smart Lipo results

Both VASER Liposuction and Smart Lipo are popular methods of lipolysis to get rid of excess fat from a patient’s body and achieve a younger-looking, athletic figure. However, VASER Liposuction surpasses Smart Lipo in benefits, and any other FDA-approved, fat removing techniques available nowadays. This advance body contouring procedure “selectively” remove unwanted body fat. It uses minimally-invasive ultrasound technology to emulsify fat while leaving all other important tissues intact, resulting in significant desirable effects with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. Consequently, patients recover considerably quicker as they suffer reduced bleeding, bruising and swelling in the treated areas (1). The shorter recovery time needed for VASER Liposuction makes it more convenient and appealing to my patients, who may return to their work and regular activities as short as one week after surgery. Meanwhile, the recovery time expected for Smart Lipo and other liposuction methods exceeds the 2 weeks.

Minimal downtime for dramatic immediate results with Vaser Liposuction

Smart Lipo uses heat energy from fibre-optic lasers to burn and melt the fat cells. The main difference between the two procedures is that Smart Lipo and traditional laser liposuction use very focused thermal energy to destroy the fat cells in the body. A laser liposuction probe only emits thermal energy at the end of the probe which causes an intense level of heat. As the laser is focused on one point only, it has a higher risk of burns the surrounding vital tissues may be burnt and subsequently injured by the intense heat. Laser liposuction poses the risk of 3rd-degree burns if the heat from the laser is not handled properly; these burns are painful and leave scars that are almost permanent. On the other hand, the VASER machine emits energy uniformly around the whole probe. This allows the VASER to emulsify the fat cells more efficiently than laser allowing plastic surgeons to take out more fat cells compared than with Smart Lipo. Moreover, due to the uniform energy distribution of VASER Liposuction, the procedure can tighten the skin and promote skin retraction better than laser liposuction (up to 53% more skin retraction with the VASER machine). There is less risk of skin burns with VASER Liposuction. This means the VASER can be used just under the skin to give the definition needed for VASER High-Definition.