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Radiance VIP Rewards Program

The Radiance VIP Rewards Program is a subscription program designed to help you reach your aesthetic goals by facilitating your investment in our customized services and reward you with special gifts, pricing and offers. By joining, you authorize us to charge your credit card monthly recurring payments that will post as credits on your Radiance VIP account. As a member, you are entitled to benefits on the terms and conditions described below.

Membership Status Discounts on all De La Cruz Plastic Surgery Non-Surgical Products and Services. Your Membership Status Discount is determined by the range in which your authorized monthly payment amount occurs.

Membership Status rates (such as Discounts, and Payment

Amounts) are subject to change following 30 days advance * written notice provided to you.

Diamond Status - 10% Discount on * Surgeon Fees after (Six) 6 Months of * Continuous Membership Status

Diamond Status - Additional 5% Discount at Open House

Bronze, Gold, Diamond Members - 10% Off The Skinny Shot


























Recurring Monthly Payments:

Your Radiance VIP Membership will be paid for on a monthly basis in the amount stated herein which will be automatically charged to your credit card on file on the 15th day of every month and continue until this Agreement is cancelled by you or terminated by us in accordance with this Agreement.

• Insufficient credit on Radiance VIP account will require additional payment to receive products and services.

Cancellation of Membership:

Six (6) months continuous membership status is required to retain discount benefits received through membership.

Three (3) business day notice before the 15th of each month is required to cancel membership.

Early termination of membership will result in early termination fees.  In addition, any "perk" redeemed (such as discounts on surgeon fees  or medspa services or products) will result in  a payment due in full for its current value.



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