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The debate surrounding the merits of painting versus sculpture as art forms has been a subject of discussion among numerous artists. The question of which is a more challenging skill to acquire and which is more deserving of praise has been a topic of contention. However, it is important to recognize that beauty is subjective, and both painting and sculpture can possess unique qualities that appeal to different individuals. Each art form requires distinct technical abilities and approaches to creation.

Sculptors often argue that becoming a sculptor demands more than just talent and enthusiasm. Sculpture, as a branch of the visual arts, involves working in three dimensions by molding, casting, and carving various mediums such as wood, marble, and clay. It requires an understanding of depth, breadth, and length in order to create a figure, distinguishing it from two-dimensional arts like drawing and painting. While neither form is inherently more difficult than the other in theory, artists may find themselves naturally inclined towards working in three dimensions or expressing their ideas through color and form on a painted surface.

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz is an accomplished artist who excels in both portraiture and sculpture. He initially pursued portrait painting before venturing into sculpting. Under the guidance of renowned French sculptor and author Philippe Faraut, Dr. De La Cruz mastered the art of sculpting the human body using earthenware clay. Philippe Faraut has imparted his expertise to sculptors worldwide, conducting workshops at esteemed institutions such as the Grand Central Academy in New York, Ringling School of Art in Florida, and Pixar in California. Dr. De La Cruz had the privilege of being one of his students, learning figure sculpting and advanced techniques for shaping the human form.

Dr. De La Cruz's knowledge in anatomy, painting, and sculpting is invaluable to his work as a plastic surgeon. His artistic abilities enhance his surgical practice, enabling him to sculpt and refine the face and body with precision. By combining his expertise in multiple artistic disciplines, Dr. De La Cruz has become a highly skilled plastic surgeon, capable of creating natural and aesthetically pleasing results for his patients.

Figure 1: World renowned French Sculptor Philippe Faraut

Philippe Faraut and Dr Emmanuel De La Cruz Plastic Surgeon.HEIC

Figure 2: Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz and his mentor Philippe Faraut, a world renowned French Sculptor.

Sculpture by Dr Emmanuel De La Cruz Plastic Surgeon_edited.jpg

Figure 3:  "Fati" , a sculpture by Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Figure 4:  "Bathroom Break" sculpture created by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. De La Cruz

Figure 5:  "Bathroom Break" sculpture created by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. De La Cruz

Figure 6:  "The Foot" sculpture created by Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Figure 7:  "The Male Torso" sculpture created by Dr. De La Cruz, Houston Plastic Surgeon


Figure 8:  "Marielena" portrait sculpture created by Dr. De La Cruz

 Figure 9:  "The Hand" sculpture created by Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, artist and plastic surgeon 


Figure 10 & 11:  "Carrie", a portrait sculpture created by

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz 

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