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This premise has been argued by many painters and sculptors, whether painting or sculpture is a ‘higher’ form of work.  Many argued which one is a more difficult artistic  skill to acquire, and which art form is more praiseworthy.  Beauty is indeed  in the eye of the beholder., and these art work may be unique in many ways.  There is indeed a difference in technical abilities and creation of art.

Many sculptors would say that it takes more than talent and enthusiasm to become a sculptor.  A branch of the visual arts, sculpting is a 3-dimensional art made from molding, casting and carving a variety of mediums such as wood, marble, and clay,  Sculptiing is a 3-dimensional art which involves the analysis of the depth, breadth and length of a figure; and is distinguished from other arts such as drawing and painting, which is 2-dimensional.   One is not more difficult than the other in theory. In practice, some artists have an affinity for working in three dimensions, while others are better at conveying their ideas with color and form on a painted surface. 

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz  is both a portait painter and a sculptor.  Dr. De La Cruz was a portrait painter first before he learned sculpting.  Under the tutelage of the world-renowned French sculptor and author, Philippe Faraut, Dr. De La Cruz mastered sculpting the human body using earthenware clay.  His mentor  Philippe Faraut has traveled throughout the US and abroad to teach sculptors and aspiring sculptors how to render portraits and figures in clay at private studios and institutions including the Grand Central Academy in New York, Ringling School of Art in Florida and Pixar in California.  Dr. De La Cruz was one of his students in figure sculpting, and advanced sculpting of the human body.

Dr. De La Cruz uses his knowledge in anatomy, painting and sculpting when he sculpts the face and body as a plastic surgeon.  His artistic abilities made him a better plastic surgeon.

Figure 1: World renowned French Sculptor Philippe Faraut

Figure 2: Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz and his mentor Philippe Faraut, a world renowned French Sculptor.

Figure 3:  Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz performing a potrait sculpture from a photograph.

Figure 4:  "Bathroom Break" sculpture created by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. De La Cruz

Figure 5:  "Bathroom Break" sculpture created by Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. De La Cruz

Figure 6:  "The Foot" sculpture created by Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Figure 7:  "The Male Torso" sculpture created by Dr. De La Cruz, Houston Plastic Surgeon

Figure 8:  "Marielena" portrait sculpture created by Dr. De La Cruz

 Figure 9:  "The Hand" sculpture created by Emmanuel De La Cruz MD, artist and plastic surgeon 


Figure 10 & 11:  "Carrie", a portrait sculpture created by

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz 

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