Defining your Six-packs Abs with Hi-Def VASER Liposuction

Sometimes, regardless of how much workout and strict diets, one can’t succeed on developing the six-pack or rectus abdominis muscles. Pretty often, patients comes to my office searching for a procedure that can make their underlying muscle or six-pack noticeable. High Definition VASER Liposuction would be the right solution for a six-pack body. Colombian plastic surgeon, Alfredo Hoyos, created this revolutionary body contouring technique that enhances the underlying musculature in order to achieve well-defined or ripped six-pack abs, in both men and women (1). He have trained hundreds of plastic surgery physicians in the High Definition and 4D LIPO technique, worldwide. In 2013, I had the good fortune of traveling to Bogotá, Colombia and got trained and certified by Doctor Hoyos in the latest VASER Hi-Def Liposculpture methods. Since then, I have executed over a hundred procedures in the State of Texas, which delivered some amazing results.

4D Hi-Def VASER Lipouction performed by Dr. De La Cruz.