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J-Plasma: A Masterful Evolution In Facial Rejuvenation.

Statistics published last month by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) show a significant, sustained growth rate of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, as 15.7 million minimally-invasive treatments were performed in the U.S last year, which represents around 200,000 additional practices relative to 2016. Furthermore, the recent data reported that the top-five minimally invasive aesthetic procedures focused on the face, revealing American predilection for new, alternative, and innovative ways to enhance their facial appearance. Accordingly, surgical procedures such as facelift, dermabrasion and neck lift surgery dropped 4% in 2017 (1). New developments and improvements in devices and techniques have contributed in the continued increasing demand for minimally-invasive procedures. In this regard, J-Plasma is the latest, facial rejuvenation treatment that has revolutionized the medical aesthetics industry. This effective, cutting-edge device, approved since 2012 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is readily available to patients who desire to push the reset button on their skin: getting rid of wrinkles or imprinted lines, skin pigmentation problems, melasma, acne scars and/or sun spots, all in one single, 1-hour, outpatient procedure (2).

Easier use, more precision and affordability, startling and longer lasting results, and considerable quicker downtime are among the many advantages that sets J-Plasma apart from other facial enhancement procedures. It is a one-in-a-lifetime facial treatment that uses gas plasma technology far superior to laser resurfacing, reducing the chances of damaging surrounding tissue; thus, minimizing the risk of potential complications and shortening the recovery period. Developed by Bovie Medical Corporation, J-Plasma is widely known as the surgery-free facelift because it dramatically contracts the skin. However, J-Plasma “game-changing technology” will not only firm up your skin as a facelift surgery does but also it will dramatically improve acne scars, sun spots, skin texture, and correct all the blemishes and irregular pigmentation that traditional surgical face lifts can’t do. Moreover, J-Plasma avoids anesthetics and surgical complications such as infection and bleeding. This 1-hour, in-office procedure it’s relatively pain-free, and J-Plasma patients can resume regular activities in roughly two weeks, and start enjoying their new, younger-looking facial appearance! As a practitioner, I’m always thrilled to present patients with safer, more effective, convenient and affordable options, in the constantly evolutionary field of aesthetic procedures.

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