The Use of Botox to Relieve Pain after Breast Plastic Surgery

One of my plastic surgery colleagues and friends from Loma Linda University, Dr. Allen Gabriel, recently conducted a study to determine whether the use of Botox could help alleviate the pain after undergoing a mastectomy (complete removal of the breast) and breast reconstruction in breast cancer patients. The study showed that patients who underwent Botox injections into the chest wall muscles after surgery were reportedly more comfortable and experienced less pain post-operatively than those patients who only received saline injections.

Fast Facts about Botox and Breast Pain after Breast Reconstruction

  • Botox to reduce breast pain after breast reconstruction were injected onto the chest wall muscles (pectoralis major) prior to surgery

  • Randomized clinical study involving patients who underwent mastectomy and breast reconstruction with tissue expanders showed that those women who received Botox were far more comfortable after surgery than those who received placebo.

  • No significant difference in the use of narcotic, muscle relaxants, or anti