The Truth behind SmartLipo Liposuction

The Truth behind SmartLipo Liposuction

~ Houston Cosmetic Surgeon

  • SmartLipo is a liposuction method that utilizes a low energy laser (neodynium:yttrium-aluminum garnet laser). It's extensively promoted as minimally invasive since it can be performed under local anesthesia using small incisions.

  • Due to the size of the cannula (1-2mm), fat extraction is more difficult compared to regular suction-assisted liposuction. Thus, it is not intended to replace traditional liposuction.

  • Since it is more difficult to extract more fat after lipolysis from Smartlipo, there's a higher likelihood of developing seroma and possibly hematoma if large scale lipolysis is performed.

  • For the treatment of localized lipolysis, such as the removal of fat from the neck, laser lipolysis (Smart Lipo) may be a more effective method than traditional liposuction.

  • SmartLipo is reported to be more effective in removing fat from the knees, chin, neck or face.

  • A multi-center FDA trial FAILED to show any advantages of SmartLipo over conventional method of liposuction (suction-assisted liposuction.)