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The Fine Art behind Facial Fat Transfer

Facial lipoaugmentation or fat transfer is the art and science of restoring volume and contour of the human face using autologous fat. The popularity of facial fat transferseemed relatively new, but the concept is not. Free fat graft was pioneered in 1893 by Franz Neuber who transferred a small piece of fat from the upper arm to fill a soft tissue defect of the face. Its use to correct deficits of the cheek and chin areas was further reported as early as 1909.

The advent of liposuction in the 1980s spurred the move toward modern fat grafting. Dr. Ilouz reported the transfer of liposuction aspirate in 1984, and Dr. Ellenbogen, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, reported the use of fat autografts in atrophic and posttraumatic facial defects in 1986.

So Is There an Art Behind Facial Fat Transfer?