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Silicone Gel Breast Implants vs Saline Breast Implants? That is The Question.

Saline Breast Implants vs Silicone Gel Breast Implants? That is the Question. There are two types of breast implants: saline filled and silicone gel breast implants. Recently, the 14-year moratorium banning the use of silicone gel breast implant was lifted in November 2006. Several scientific studies showed that there is no scientific link between silicone breast implants and systemic disease. The clinical trials showed no increased risk of breast cancer, neurological diseases, connective tissue disease, and other illnesses in women with silicone breast implants.

So what's the difference between silicone gel breast implants and saline breast implants?

With regards to the appearance of the breasts after breast augmentation with either saline or silicone breast implants, there is no discernible difference, except for the higher chance of visible rippling or wrinkling with saline breast implants.

With regards to the "feel," saline implants tend to feel firmer than silicone implants, which means the feel is not as close to that of natural breast tissue. In addition, some patients complain of being able to manually detect the outer edge of the implant and/or the fill valve.

The advantage of

is the smaller incision that your plastic surgeon uses to place the breast implant. The saline breast implant is deflated prior to placement into the breast. Saline is then injected into the implant once it is inside the breast (above or below the pectoral/chest muscles.) Silicone breast implants, however, are pre-filled and have a fixed volume. Thus, a larger incision is made when placing the silicone breast implants.

I recommend discussing your breast implant preference with your plastic surgeon. One of your Houston plastic surgeons should be able to discuss with you the best option regarding breast implant selection that would be appropriate for your body type and concur with your goals.

Emmanuel De La Cruz MD http://www.delacruzplasticsurgery.com/

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