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High Profile versus Moderate Profile Breast Implants: How Does It Affect Breast Projection After Bre

High Profile vs. Moderate Profile Breast Implants: How Does it Affect Breast Projection?

The majority of breast implants used in cosmetic surgery have a round base (Breast Implants Houston). When one views the one of the breast implants from the side, the implant would have a certain height, which is called “projection.” Thus, when the breast implant is placed underneath or over the chest wall muscles, that height would project out. Some women who want to undergo a breast augmentation often want their breast to have more projection after the breast implant is placed.

There are two ways to have more projection for breast augmentation. The first way is to add volume into the implant, which can be done in a saline implant. The more saline is injected into the implant, the more projection the breast will have after the breast augmentation procedure. One should note that the volume that can be injected into the saline implant is limited. Moreover, this cannot be done in a silicone gel implant since that particular

has a fixed volume of silicone.

The other way of having more projection is to use a breast implant that has a smaller diameter. If one would imagine a balloon with a fixed volume of fluid, and then press the balloon’s base and make the diameter smaller, the more projection the balloon will have. This is the difference between a high profile versus a moderate profile breast implant. The high profile implant has a smaller base diameter, and thus would have a higher projection than the moderate profile breast implant.

Are there any downsides (complications) of having a high profile breast implant?

There are potential consequences when one receives a high profile or even an extra-high profile breast implant. Potential deformities may occur that may be difficult to correct and possibly uncorrectable. The weight and pressure of a high or extra-high profile breast implant may likely cause stretching and thinning of the breast. This potential consequence can be disastrous and may cause some problems, such as problems with breast sensation, inability to lactate (breast feed), visible traction rippling (breast implant rippling seen underneath the skin), and chest wall deformities (ribs and chest muscles getting deformed.)

Being an educated patient is very important prior to having any procedure done. Thus, it is very important for one to ask one of your Houston cosmetic surgeons for these potential complications.

Emmanuel De La Cruz M.D.

Reference: Tebbets, J & S. Teitelbaum. High and Extra High Projection Breast Implants: Potential Consequences for Patients. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Dec 2010.126:2150

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