Brazilian Butt Lift ~ Houston Plastic Surgeons

The Brazilian Buttock Lift With the popularity of Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian's shapely buttock curvature, buttock augmentation has been reported to be one of the top cosmetic procedures predicted to increase in 2011 according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Recently there has been an increasing demand of having a youthful, prominent and perky buttock to obtain a more sensual body profile. The classic hourglass shape (full buttocks, narrow waist) of the female body has been thought to be aesthetically pleasing, and is what men universally find most attractive according to one study. Several types of augmentation, such as the breast and that of the buttock, have sprouted demand to help create this hourglass figure.

L'Etoile Perdue: painted by William A. Bouguereau (File courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)