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BOTOX Injection for the Wrinkles Around Your Eyes (Crow’s Feet)

Fast Facts about Botox Treatment and Crow's Feet

  • Wrinkles around your eyes that are present in motion only are ideal for treatment with BOTOX.

  • If your Crow's feet (wrinkles around your eyes) are present at rest, they may not eliminated with a BOTOX injection.

  • If your Crow’s feet wrinkles extend toward your cheekbone, and if this increases with smiling, a BOTOX treatment may cause an incongruous appearance. This can create a “Mickey Mouse” appearance in which one may have a flat area around the eyes that is surrounded by extended lines around the mouth.

Hooding of the Side of the Brows (Lateral Brows)

Hooding of the Lateral Brows

  • If you have hooding of lateral brows which is usually from the loss of tone and descension of the lateral brow, the wrinkle under the hood will likely remain after a BOTOX injection treatment.

  • Other plastic surgery procedures, such as endoscopic brow lift or Laser resurfacing may be needed, and BOTOX may likely not remove this particular rhytid (wrinkle).

I recommend asking one of your Woodlands plastic surgeons if you are a good candidate for BOTOX treatment for your Crow's feet. Being an informed patient is critical prior to undergoing any treatment, even a minor procedure such as BOTOX.

Emmanuel De La Cruz M.D.

www.delacruzplasticsurgery.com P.S. Feel free to read more about BOTOX.

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