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BOTOX Injection for the Wrinkles in Between the Brows (Glabellar Frowns)

BOTOX Injection for the Wrinkles in Between the Brows (Glabellar Frowns)

  • If your frown in between your eyebrows is visible only in motion, the result of treatment may well be a good one.

  • If the furrow is present at rest, then your wrinkles may not be completely eliminated.

  • If you have heavy brows (seen especially in men), treatment of your frown in between your eyebrows may increase the sagging toward the middle (medially).

Are your brows not symmetric in motion?

  • If so, the results of your BOTOX treatment will be not be symmetrical too unless this is taken into account.

Do you have an active frontalis (forehead muscles)?

  • If so, treatment of your vertical furrow alone may cause the lateral brow (brow on the side) to elevate, creating an unattractive peaking of the brows.

  • You may need a different treatment or your full forehead zone treated.

BOTOX injection treatment requires a solid knowledge of the anatomy of the face, as well as good judgment by your medical provider. I recommend asking one of your Houston cosmetic surgeons for any questions if you are a good candidate for BOTOX treatment.

Emmanuel De La Cruz M.D.


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