May 8

Is there any other option than facelift?


I’m 40 years old and my skin looks way older than 40. I know it can be so, but my mother and grandmother all started aging in their late 50’s. I started getting wrinkles before my 30’s. I started using the anti-age creams and lotions. They were effective to the extent that the wrinkles started disappearing. I am still using those anti-age creams but are not as effective as before. I have to use a lot of makeup to cover all the wrinkles. I did Botox at 28 and a half and again at 30 because I was annoyed by the wrinkles on my forehead. My husband had started ignoring me and I think he had started having an inclination towards other women especially the young girls. That changed when I did my Botox, but again I am starting to look old. I was thinking of having a facelift from Toronto. Is facelift a good option considering my previous history of cosmetic surgeries? I thought of doing Botox treatment once again. I don’t know even if that is a viable option. How long does the facelift stay? Is there any other alternative to a wrinkle-free skin? Do let me know. Thank you.

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