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Buccal Fat Removal or Bichectomia in Houston Texas

Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 1:12 am

Buccal fat pad (also called Bichat’s fat pad) is one of the several encapsulated fat masses in the cheek. An excess buccal fat pad is seen in people who have cherubic faces or “chubby cheeks.” Excess buccal fat is usually a hereditary condition that typically does not respond to weight loss. With the popularity of model-like facial features, several women with cherubic faces opt to have this surgical procedure.
The popularity of this procedure started in the year 1884. Typically, the buccal fat is reduced after puberty. Post-puberty the buccal fat is less likely to change and only modestly change with weight loss or weight gain. Cherubic faces with an excess buccal fat is not eliminated by weight loss.

BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL (bichectomia in spanish) or Cheek Reduction Surgery

• Buccal fat pad removal, also known as cheek reduction surgery
• This is designed to create a more sculpted facial contour or chiseled look.
• The buccal fat pad is removed which reduces the cherubic, soft and round facial appearance. Thus, it slims down a “chubby face patient.”


• The buccal fat is about the size of a golf-ball or ping-pong ball. Every patient is different, and thus the size of the buccal fat pad would vary from person to person.
• Buccal fat removal can be done in conjunction with other procedures to further enhance the facial contour.
• The location of buccal fat deep within the face prevents its removal with liposuction.

Recovery after a Buccal Fat Removal or Cheek Reduction Surgery

• The recovery process is relatively quick and painless.
• For a few days the patient will look like they have had oral surgery with swollen cheeks, but no bruising.
• After 1 week, patients typically would look like as what they look like before surgery. This is due to swelling after surgery.
The results become apparent after four to six weeks as the swelling gradually disappears.  One typically see the final outcome approximately 5-6 months.

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