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Dimple Creation Surgery Texas

Several people consider facial dimples an attractive feature.  Dimples are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity in some cultures.  They are also generally associated with cheerfulness.  But everyone would agree that dimples brighten and add character to a beautiful smile.

Dimples are genetically inherited, and thus this naturally given gift is not for everyone.  Research has shown that parents with dimples will pass this attractive trait to their children.  Studies of the human facial anatomy revealed that dimples occur secondary to an abnormal insertion of the muscles of the face (zygomaticus major muscle), rather than a soft tissue defect.  With the popularity of cosmetic surgery and celebrities with dimples, such as Cheryl Cole & Miranda Kerr, there has been a recent increased in demand  for dimple surgery or “dimpleplasty”.

Fast Facts about Dimple Surgery (Dimple creation)
  • Dimple surgery can be done under local anesthesia by a skilled plastic surgeon.
  • Majority of the techniques, if not all, involves adherence of the buccinator muscles of the face to the dermis of the skin.  This can be done by transcutaneous sutures or by an open technique done under local anesthesia.
  • Typically, there is no incision done on the skin of the face.  The incision is done through the mouth which would show no scarring.
  • Like a natural dimple, dimples created surgically typically appears with smiling.  Although surgically created dimples may appear most of the time depending on the surgical technique used.
  • The dimple may be present even without smiling the first several days  or even weeks.   Eventually, the surgically created dimple most likely be present with smiling as scar develops between the inner skin and the buccinator muscle.
  • The procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Figure 1: 2 Hours after Dimple Surgery.


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